Dec. 17
Donald Moffitt and Vicki Moffitt v. Timothy Larson d/b/a D&T Enterprises
PA- Kevin Coleman; J- Madden
* A judgment entry is requested in favor of contractual agreements for home improvements. As direct and proximate results of the remediation to duties, a total amount of $22,347.35 was expended.
Case number: 07-C-317

Dec. 18
James L. Reid and Sandra S. Cumpston vs. June Ann Reid
PA- Patrick McDermott; J- Karl
* Due to suffering from dementia and after the death of his wife of 50 years, James L. Reid remarried. When he was in the hospital, assets owned by him were sold. An Order enjoining Reid from selling, transferring, and liquidating his property is sought.
Case number: 07-C-320

Dec. 19
John Och, Sharon Och and Och Contracting, Inc. vs. United Bank, Inc., a corporation, and individually, and United Bankshares, Inc., a corporation, jointly and Individually.
PA- Mark Kepple; J- Madden
* As a United customer for 40 years it is claimed during litigation that personal actions related to matters at issue between the Contracting and Och were described. This conduct exposed the Bank's fraudulent conduct and violation of laws. As a result Och was required to liquidate assets of $14,000 to cover legal expense. Judgment in the amount of $750,000 as compensatory damages and punitive damages in the amount of 1.75 million dollars is sought.
Case number: 07-C-321

Dec. 21
Moundsville Ventures 2004, LLC, and Martin E. Potts, vs. City of Moundsville, West Virginia, and Ralph DiRemigio
PA- William Ihlenfeld, II; J- Karl
* Potts specializes in assisting Cities obtain retail development. Judgment is requested to find if the City was unjustly enriched by making misrepresentations and with breach of the implied contract, fraud, conspiracy to defraud and negligent governmental acts. As direct and proximate cause damages set forth have been sustained and as a result of the wrongdoing punitive damages are sought.
Case number: 07-C-322

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