WAYNE - A Lawrence County, Ky., woman filed a suit against a Wayne County bar after she was injured when a fight broke out in the tavern.

Sheila Locklear Blackburn filed the suit Jan. 9 in Wayne Circuit Court against Wildcat Tavern II, Shawn Kitts, Bobby Ray Kitts and Katie Kitts.

According to the suit, Blackburn was at Wildcat in Fort Gay on Marcy 18, 2006, when a patron, Walter Gauze, became verbally abusive to other patrons, which caused physical altercations.

Blackburn, which claims she was an innocent bystander, was asked by the bartender to watch the cash register while he attempted to break up the fight.

"While monitoring the case register, Blackburn was struck multiple times about her face and body causing her personal bodily injury," the suit says.

According to the suit, Blackburn suffered several broken teeth, lip lacerations, a broken partial dental plate, multiple bruises and contusions about her face and body.

Blackburn claims the tavern has the right to protect her from injury and harm. She seeks damages for her medical and dental services.

Attorney Miki Thompson is representing Blackburn.

Wayne Circuit Court case number 08-C-04

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