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By Donna Kisner | Feb 1, 2008

Jan. 22

Jan. 22
Lewis N. Shroyer and Carol Shroyer vs. Boston Scientific Corporation
PA-Wesley W. Metheny; Judge N/A
* Lewis Shroyer was admitted to Monongalia General Hospital in January 2006 to undergo a coronary angioplasty. A cardiac cutting balloon, manufactured by Boston Scientific Corporation was to be used. Following the procedure performed by Dr, John A. McKnight, the cutting balloon failed and could not be withdrawn from the arteries in Shroyer's heart. After repeated unsuccessful attempts by several physicians over several hours, it became necessary for Shroyer to undergo open-heart surgery for removal of the failed cutting balloon. As a result of the surgery, Shroyer has sustained pain, suffering and mental anguish, doctor, hospital and medical bills totaling $273.185.24; loss of services in the future totaling $75,000; future costs of medicine of $123,000; partial paralysis and damage to his left arm, hand and fingers, post surgery diabetes and loss of ability to enjoy life. Carol Shroyer also has sustained the loss of comfort, society, companionship and consortium of her husband. The Shroyer's seek judgment for their injuries and damages; pre and post judgment interest and attorney fees.
Case number: 08-C-59

Jan. 25
Barbara Henry v. UBC Product Support Center, United Biosource Corporation, Charles Clark, Debbie Lee, Charlotte Sturbak, Amy Renner and Stephanie Van Norman
PA-Drew M. Capuder; Judge Robert B. Stone
* Barbara Henry began employment with United BioSource Corporation in May 2000. After she was employed there for one year, her position changed to Mail Coordinator, where she worked until she was discharge in June 2007. Management consisted of people in their 30's. Henry claims the work place was openly hostile and the hostility was based on her age, which is 61. In June 2007, she attended a meeting where a number of false and/or exaggerated allegations were made and Henry was forced to sign a warning document. She refused to sign it and quit. Henry's position was then filled by a substantially younger man. Henry seeks judgment, jointly and severally, for actual damages, adverse tax consequences, attorney fees, expenses, witness fees and punitive damages. In addition she seeks an order of reinstatement, an injunction prohibiting further discrimination if reinstated, and pre judgment interest.
Case number: 08-C-69

Jan. 28
Adrian Fedczak dba Mooky Rebal Construction vs. Cooper Beech Town Home Communities Twenty Six, LLC, West Run Holding Company, LLC and Crawford/Mazzei LLC
PA-Brent E. Beveridge; Judge N/A
* Adrian Fedczak dba Mooky Rebal Construction performed concrete work at the West Run Student Housing apartment complex. Fedczak claims the general contractor; Crawford/Mazzei has failed to pay the $27,830.00 owed for the job. Fedczak is seeking judgment in that amount, plus pre and post judgment interest and costs. He also requests the Court order a sale of the property or portion of the property to satisfy the debt owed.
Case number: 08-C-71

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