In a story that appeared in the Feb. 11 print issue of The West Virginia Record, an appellant in a case before the state Supreme Court is identified as Clarksburg attorney David J. Romano. The lilitgant in the case actually was David A. Romano.

More than eight years ago, David J. Romano, like many other attorneys, had been a supporter of Justice Joseph Albright's campaign for election to the Supreme Court and had contributed to that campaign.

The Record wrote the story in the first instance was because it believed that David J. Romano was a party in the case pending before the Supreme Court of Appeals but this was inaccurate. The reporter failed to confirm the identity of the litigant who was "David A. Romano" and not "David J. Romano" by either contacting the litigant or Attorney Romano, or by reviewing available public databases which would have disclosed that the two individuals were not the same.

The Record regrets printing these inaccurate statements and apologizes to David J. Romano for any problems it may have caused him.

Also, court records show, in July 2007 the David A. Romano listed as the appellant settled the dispute he and his wife had with the appellee in Harrison Circuit Court as the case was pending appeal.

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