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By Donna Kisner | Mar 14, 2008

March 7

March 7
Tracy Lee v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PA-Todd W. Reed; J-NA
* As a Computer Specialist with Mylan Pharmaceuticals Tracy Lee was supervised by Dale Davin. During a meeting with, he informed Lee that it was his intention to hire one of his male friends as a Computer Specialist even though no position was open at the time. He advised that his plan was to create an opening by terminating Lee. Becoming distressed at the news of pending termination, she spoke with B.K. Shephard, Davin's supervisor and advised of her conversation with Davin. Shephard told her not to not to worry about it and that she was doing a great job. Lee claims that prior to her termination she was harassed by Davin and purposely excluded from critical meetings. In addition, Lee claims Davin told her not to assist certain Mylan departments with computer security issues, then would be written up for not providing assistance. Prior to working as a computer specialist, Lee worked for B.K. Shephard as his administrative assistant. When the computer specialist position came open Lee claims Shephard encouraged her to apply for it. Lee alleges Shephard's intentions were to hire Jennifer Pomraning, a woman with whom he was romantically involved, which ultimately happened. This hiring moved Lee to the Computer Specialist position, even though she was told she did not qualify for it. Lee was terminated in September 2006. She is seeking judgment on all claims; compensatory and punitive damages, costs and attorney fees and pre and post judgment interest.
Case number: 08-C-170

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