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By The West Virginia Record | Mar 14, 2008

Looking for answers, some of us search the Internet or seek personal counsel.

Looking for answers, some of us search the Internet or seek personal counsel.

Others wait for the unsolicited, random advice of state Attorney General Darrell McGraw, who happens to be running for re-election.

Consider "On the Mark: A Guide to Concealed Weapons Laws of West Virginia," a 13-page pamphlet that McGraw sent last month to our state's concealed weapon permit holders.

The taxpayer-funded mailer's helpful hints for concealed weapon permit holders included information on how to become a concealed weapon permit holder.

Who knew?

Coming soon: advice for homeowners on how to buy a home and pointers for Mountain State motorists on how to get that elusive driver's license. That's compliments of your helpful attorney general, who, coincidentally, is running for re-election.

His advice usually comes accompanied by a pious letter from McGraw professing his undying commitment to "your side" in matters near and dear to you. That's from the man who, by the way, is running for re-election.

"I think the attorney general would be remiss in his responsibilities if he's not communicating with people," explained his dutiful assistant Fran Hughes.

Every four years, as McGraw nears another re-election run, this type of waste of taxpayer money shows up more frequently in our mailboxes. It's typically framed with slick graphics and a flawless photo of our attorney general.

His critics say the mailers are nothing more than shameless self-promotion, masquerading as something worth knowing about.

McGraw's mischievous smile on the cover hints at his true motives. It seems to wipe away any hint of substance in his master-of-the-obvious prose.

Like parsley, this advice wasn't concocted for actual consumption. No need to read it. Just take in that mug for a second and make the association: McGraw is gunning for your vote.

Now stick that pamphlet in the round file. Mission accomplished.

McGraw used his clout to cobble together a gun owners list for his latest mailing. It came from the files of our county sheriffs. Nice to see law enforcement agencies working together.

Gun owners don't need to send McGraw a thank you note for his suggestions. Theirs -- and our -- tax dollars are paying for them.

This election season, McGraw is pleased with your support of his campaign. The pleasure's all his. Literally.

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