Ketchum first to hit TV airwaves in Supreme Court race

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 20, 2008


HUNTINGTON -- There is no more anticipation: The first television ad in the state Supreme Court race has hit the airwaves, and it's about ketchup.

Well, sort of.

Huntington attorney Menis Ketchum's ads started appearing in the Charleston-Huntington TV market this week. The spot features people talking in a diner about how his name sounds like the popular condiment.

"I was campaigning early on, and a lady said to me, "Your name reminds me of ketchup. You ought to do an ad on that," Ketchum said. "So I started thinking about it, and thought it was a good idea. She was up in Marion or Harrison County."

The 30-second commercial touts Ketchum's 40 years of experience and honors he's received. It also said Ketchum plans to restore integrity to the courts.

"What do you know about this ketchup guy running for the Supreme Court?" a diner patron says to start the ad. A fellow patron and a waitress correct him and talk about Ketchum.

One person in the ad says Ketchum is "a no-nonsense straight shooter, and he can't be bought."

The commercial ends with the woman and waitress again correcting the man on Ketchum's last name. Ketchum, sitting beside the pair, leans in and says, "The ladies are always right."

"That would make everybody remember your name," Ketchum said he remembers the woman told him. "I hope it does."

The commercial was produced by David Brown of Brown & Associates in Washington, D.C. Ketchum said the ad will be airing statewide after the first two weeks in the Charleston-Huntington area. He said three additional ads are planned before the May primary.

To view the first ad, visit Ketchum's Web site.

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