CHARLESTON - A Barbour County man has filed an asbestos suit against 25 companies, claiming he was exposed to the dangerous mineral dust as a child, when his father came home from work with the dusts on his clothing.

Jennings Bartlett and his wife, Beulah, of Phillippi, filed the suit Feb. 20 in Kanawha Circuit Court against the companies, which include U.S. Steel, where his father worked.

According to the suit, Bartlett was exposed to asbestos as a child. The suit says his father worked as a welder at U.S. Steel. Bartlett claims his father carried the asbestos home on his clothing and his person.

In addition to his childhood exposure, Bartlett worked at various automobile dealerships, garages and other similar locations, performing mechanical repair work.

Due to his repeated asbestos exposure, Bartlett now has asbestosis and mesothelioma.

In the 12-count suit, Bartlett specifically claims Unarco, Johns-Manville, Raybestos, Manhattan, H.K. Porter, American Asbestos Textile Corp., Asten Hill Manufacturing Co., and Pneumo Abex Corporation, Friction Products Division and its predecessors, including American Brake Block, were part of a conspiracy to suppress the harmful effects of asbestos.

Beulah Bartlett claims she suffered loss of general services, companionship and society of her husband. Together, the Bartletts' seek compensatory and punitive damages for their injuries.

Attorney David P. Chervenick is representing Bartlett. The case will be assigned to a visiting judge.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number 08-C-353

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