This Just In: Monongalia County

by Donna Kisner |
Mar. 28, 2008, 2:20am

March 21
Jill Clites v. Tele Tech Customer Care Management
PA-Georgia Gates; Judge N/A
* While employed by a customer service representative at Tele Tech, Clites claims her supervisor Lor Windle sexually harassed her. Clites alleges Windle showered her with gifts and unwanted attention, and would not change Clites' work schedule when she requested so as to spend more time with her. After months of Windle's overtures, Clites asked to speak with Tele Tech's Director of Human Capital to file a formal complaint but was advised the situation would be handled. When Windle was finally spoken to, his conduct changed suddenly and he became angry and bitter with Clites, but still remained her supervisor. In the summer of 2007, nine employees would be subjected to RIF and some positions would be terminated, one of which was Clites. She claims she was forced to sign a legal document claiming she would not go to the media or slander Tele Tech or her severance pay would be affected. She is seeking judgment for back and front pay, emotional distress, humiliation, attorney fees and costs.
Case number: 08-C-201

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