THIS JUST IN: Ohio County

By Denise Simpson | Apr 18, 2008

April 1
CitiFinancial, Inc. v. Kenneth William Glaser and Kimberly Luella Glaser
PA-Jason Long; Joshua Rogers; J-Wilson
* A loan was obtained and financed, on Aug. 23, 2007, in the amount of $12,250.08. Judgment is demanded, jointly and severally, along with pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 08-C-141

Cynthia E. Rouse v. Lauren R. Young and Linda A. Young
PA- Ronald Tennant; J- Gaughan
* While traveling on W.Va. 2 on April 4, 2006, a collision occurred and injuries sustained are believed to be permanent in nature. Compensatory damages for her loss of wages and pain and suffering is sought.
Case number: 08-C-142

Apr. 2
The Hanover Insurance Group a/s/o Linda Thompson vs. Audi Inc. and Auto Effects Inc.
PA-Sam Harrold III; J- Gaughan
* She purchased a 2004 Audi from Benson Audi of New Orleans. A fire resulted in damage to the interior of the vehicle on April 7, 2006. Judgment is sought, jointly and individually, with costs and fees.
Case number: 08-C-144

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, as subrogee of Marie Heatherington v. Tiffany M. Crane,
* On Hildar Avenue on April 27, 2006, a collision occurred and as subrogee of the insured, demand for $15,207.15 is made.
Case number: 08-C-145

John R. McCloud and Andrea Lynn McCloud, a minor, by her next friend and guardian, Carol Ohlinger vs. Mary Haus, M.D.
PA-Kathleen Fantazzi; J- Wilson
* On March 15, 2007, surgery was performed on his elbow after dislocation. As deviation from standard care resulted in permanent disability and functionality, to which future medical attention is necessary. Judgment by jury is demanded.
Case number: 08-C-146

Stella M. Bryan, individually, and in her capacity as Administrator of the Estate of William J. Bryan, Jr., Deceased, and, Kathleen J. Bryan, individually, and, Joseph G. Bryan, individually, vs. Taft G. Bryan; Mark J. Bryan; Karen M. Bryan; Erin L Myers; Lori A. Merritt; Kera J. Smith; Carson N. Bryan; Callen W. Bryan; Dana M. Bryan aka Baron A. Bryan; Donald E. Ruch; Frederick H. Fise; John W. Bryan, Jr.; Sharon Glatzer; Mary Hess; Alyce Zeakes; Carlotta Crowder; The Heirs, Beneficiaries, Successors, and/or assigns of Eugene Crowder, deceased; the heirs, beneficiaries, successors, and/or assigns of Virginia (Bryan) Crowder, deceased; and anyone claiming to be an heir, beneficiary, successor, and/or assign of Mary N. Bryan, deceased
PA-Mark Panepinto; J-Mazzone
* A compulsory partition of real estate parcels, of which 24 parcels of real estate were acquired during his lifetime, is sought. Prior to his death he maintained some 32 parcels which are the subject real estate of the complaint. An order divesting those interests in the Estate is requested.
Case number: 08-C-148

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