CHARLESTON -- Margaret Workman, a candidate for the state Supreme Court of Appeals, has been endorsed by the West Virginia Troopers Association.

In the letter announcing Workman's endorsement, the Association said that it was supporting Workman based on her "commitment to the well-being of West Virginia State Troopers and (her) commitment to Public Safety."

Workman said, "I am pleased and gratified that the State Troopers have endorsed my candidacy. I am especially proud of this endorsement because of the high level of respect that I hold for West Virginia State Troopers. The work they do every day to protect the public is dangerous, but vital to our public safety." During her eighteen years of judicial service, Workman had a strong record of imposing stringent sentences on violent criminals.

While a Circuit Court Judge, Workman also maintained an active interest in corrections and corrections facilities. As a sitting judge, she visited every prison and secure juvenile correctional facility in the state.

"At the time I visited the old Moundsville prison, the warden said I was one of only a handful of judges who had ever had the guts to come inside the prison," Workman said.

Workman received numerous awards for her work in the area of child abuse law, and authored numerous opinions which strengthened protections for abused children.

"One of the reasons I have been so strongly involved in the law relating to child abuse is that abused children frequently wind up in the criminal justice system when they become adults," she said.

While a Supreme Court Justice, Workman also received an award from the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Association Excellence in Criminal Justice Award for her work on behalf of child crime victims.

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