March 10
Hudson & Keyse, LLC, assignee of Fifth Third Bank, v. Larry M. Myer
PA- Ryan Marsteller; J- Karl
* A simple note and security agreement, for the purchase of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado, was entered into on September 1, 2005. Judgment is sought for $22,193.70 owed, along with pre –post judgment interest and costs.
Case Number: 08-C-46

Bayer Materialscience, LLC v. The Honorable Christopher G. Morris, State Tax Commissioner, and The Honorable Christopher J. Kessler, Assessor of Marshall County
PA- Herschel Rose; J- Madden
* It is claimed that the raw materials are immune from state taxation until they are introduced into the manufacturing process. Objection is raised to tax commissioner's determination that these portions of its goods are not entitled to Freeport exemption. Judgment requesting an accurate assessment of the tangible personal property is sought.
Case Number: 08-C-47

March 12
Brian Davis v. Columbian Chemicals Company and Robert Riggenbach, an individual
PA- Nicholas Wininsky; J- Karl
* Compensatory damage for economic losses sustained as a result of the unlawful action of the employer for his termination on Sept. 17, 2007, is sought, along with punitive damages; pre -post judgment interest; fees and costs.
Case Number: 08-C-48

Beneficial West Virginia, Inc. vs. Marva L. Beyser and Danny E. Beyser
PA- Kurt Winter; J- Karl
* A written loan agreement was entered into on Aug. 3, 2006. A breach of contract between the parties has caused damage in the amount of $14,511.41. This amount, plus interest, attorney's fees and costs is requested.
Case Number: 08-C-50

Mark B. Cain v. Troy A. Mackey
PA- Christopher Turak; J- Madden
* While traveling Sand Hill, on Feb. 21, 2008, he was struck when the center lane was crossed which resulted in injury. The consumption of alcohol was involved. Compensatory and punitive damages are requested.
Case Number: 08-C-55

March 19
Mary F. Flowers and Craig Flowers, husband and wife vs. Mark Anthony Turkoly
PA- Michael Simon; J- Karl
* While traveling East on Route 22, in Robinson Township, she was struck and sustained severe and disabling injuries. Damages, along with pre –post judgment interest are demanded.
Case Number: 08-C-56

March 20
Wesbanco Bank, Inc. v. Michael T. Snyder and Brenda S. Snyder
PA- Marie Bechtel; J- Madden
* A promissory note was secured with a mobile home as collateral. Payment has not been received, in excess of 90 days, and the entire principal sum, plus interest, is sought for $42,359.60. Eviction from the collateral securing the loan is sought, along with attorney fees and costs.
Case Number: 08-C-57

Helen "Chris" Nicholson, and Steven Nicholson vs. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
PA- David Hummel; J- Karl
* Her vehicle was driven into, on Rte 2 N, on Sept. 13, 2007, for failure to yield and maintain proper lookout. She is expected to incur additional medical expenses and compensation is sought through underinsured motorist coverage.
Case Number: 08-C-58

March 21
The CIT Group/ Sales Financing, Inc. v. Dana Crawford, an individual, and Angela Crawford, an individual
PA- Arch Riley; J- Madden
* A security agreement was entered into, for $44,999.85, to financial the purchase of a manufactured home. A chapter 13 bankruptcy was converted to a chapter 7 and payment has not been tendered since April 2007. Immediate relinquish and surrender of possession of the collateral is demanded.
Case Number: 08-C-59

March 26
B.E.T., LTD., d/b/a Bridgeport Equipment & Tool, v. Consolidated Mechanical, Inc, Phillip O. Altman, and Certain Teed Gypsum West Virginia, Inc.
PA- Ronald Musser; J- Madden
* Contracts were entered into for the construction of a wallboard manufacturing facility (the "Project"). Credit terms were extended establishing an open account based solely on the credit application. The balance owing, of $19,509.50, is requested together with costs and a perfection of a lien.
Case Number: 08-C-60

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