April 11
Terry Collins and Sabrina Collins vs. Coal River Mining
PA-Brian L. Ooten and Ryan M. Ruth; J-Thompson
* The plaintiffs list 12 grievances against the coal company for injuries Terry Collins received May 20, 2006, while working in Fork Creek Number 3 underground mine in Lincoln County. He was a roof bolter operator-shuttle car operator when he was "struck on the head and neck by a large rock that fell from the mine roof." They claim the coal company did not follow safety law and industry standards. They seek compensatory damages.
Case number: 08-C-75

Boone County Ambulance Authority vs. John W. Washburn
PA-Edward G. Atkins; J-Thompson
* BCAA seeks to condemn a 0.084-acre parcel of private property to erect a communication tower near the Racine post office and the intersection of W.Va. 94 and W.Va. 3. It offered $7,000 and had an agreement with Washburn, but his niece and sister intervened because of "defendant's legal incapacity."
Case number: 08-C-79

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