Woman says co-worker sexually harassed her

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 25, 2008

CHARLESTON - A Kanawha County woman has filed a sexual harassment suit against a co-worker, claiming he repeatedly invaded her privacy with his actions and comments.

Annie Giudry filed a suit March 26 in Kanawha Circuit Court against Robert Grishaber and General Glass Company. Nathan Giudry, Annie's husband, is also a plaintiff in the suit.

Annie Giudry worked at General Glass Company as an office assistant. She claims Robert Grishaber created a hostile work environment from June 1, 2004 to Dec. 15, 2007.

According to the suit, Grishaber made comments about the size of Giudry's breasts and buttocks; commented to her about other women's bodies and how they excited him; regularly talked about things of a sexual nature; touched Giudry's face, grabbed her arms and hands, and rubbed her shoulders on a regular basis; made comments about his personal anatomy to her; and told Giudry that if she told him to leave her alone or report him, he would retaliate by throwing things and making her job more difficult.

Giudry claims she told her supervisors against the harassment, and they would reprimand Grishaber, but the sexual harassment would always resume, the suit says.

According to the suit, Nathan Giudry called General Glass in December 2007, to insist that the sexual harassment of his wife stop. However, after he made the call, he claims the company has retaliated against his wife, by taking away responsibilities, writing her up for no reason, and making her sign various papers regarding her work performance, as well as making it appear that Annie Giudry was going to lose her job.

In the 10-count suit, Giudry claims she suffered repeated unwanted and unwelcome sexual touching, repeated batteries, anxiety, humiliation, annoyance and inconvenience, degradation and mortification and invasion of privacy.

The Giudrys seek punitive and compensatory damages.

Attorney Lia DiTrapano Fairless is representing Giudry. The case has been assigned to Judge Jennifer Bailey Walker.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number 08-C-596

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