Musgrave unsuccessful in three other suits

By Lawrence Smith | May 1, 2008


POINT PLEASANT – Court records show that Raymond Musgrave not only sued two other clients for non-payment of legal fees, but also another attorney for luring one of his clients away from him.

However, all suits were to no avail.

According to court records, he brought suit against Cary Dale Arbogast, and Kevin Curl on July 7, 1995. In both suits, he alleged Arbogast, who lived in Newton, South Carolina, and Curl, a resident of Marietta, Ohio, each owed him $1,140.11.

Court records are unclear as to the nature of Musgrave's representation in both cases. In addition to what he believed he was owed for legal fees, Musgrave also asked for $75 in court costs.

Following a motion made by Musgrave to dismiss the suits due to his inability to serve process, then-Mason Circuit Judge O.C. "Hobby" Spaulding dismissed Curl's case on Dec. 5, and Arbogbast's on Dec. 6, 1995. At the time of the ruling, Mason and Putnam counties were part of the same judicial circuit.

On Feb. 26, 1998, Musgrave brought suit against Dennis O'Bryan, an attorney in Birmingham, Michigan. In his complaint and suit, filed with the assistance of Guy Bucci, with the Charleston law firm of Bucci, Bailey and Javis, Musgrave alleged O'Bryan "tortuously interfered with the central relationship existing between Plaintiff, Raymond Musgrave, and his client, Kevin D. Glover."

According to court records, Musgrave and Glover entered into an attorney-client relationship to bring suit against Kanawha River Towing, Inc. However, records are unclear as the nature of the suit.

Also records are unclear is to when, but Musgrave alleged after taking Glover as a client, he received a faxed letter from O'Bryan saying Glover was now his client. This prompted Musgrave to accuse O'Bryan of "improperly soliciting clients."

However, the day after he filed the suit, Musgrave, without explanation, made a motion to dismiss it. Then-Mason Circuit Judge Clarence Watt granted the motion on June 1, 1998.

Mason Circuit Court, Case Nos. 95-C-62 (Arbogast), 96-C-73 (Curl) and 98-C-46 (O'Bryan)

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