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By The West Virginia Record | May 2, 2008

March 27
Donald J. Orser v. The County Commission of Jefferson County, West Virginia sitting as the Jefferson County Board of Review and Equalization
PA-J. Michael Cassell; J-Thomas Steptoe Jr.
* Orser has filed a complaint for relief and review, mandamus/prohibition and declaratory relief over several parcels of land he owns in Jefferson County. The land is subject of more than 60 appeals Orser field of the assessments of a portion of the real estate. He is claiming erroneous assessments. He is claiming that he CAMA software used by the Assessorás Office uses various criteria that is unrelated or of little value of the assessment process. He claims the Commission erroneously assessed his land at a value far above fair market value. He also claims that he filed copies with the County Clerk, but the record is incomplete, which makes him unable to pursue relief and review. He is seeking that the court determine and declare the rights, status and legal relations of Orser, the Commission, the Assessor and all others involved in the tax assessment process to Section 55-13-1, West Virginia Code as amended. He also requests that the court make such determinations and decision pursuant to the Uniform Declaratory Judgmentás Act. He is also requesting a Show Cause hearing. He believes the Assessorás Office obstructed and interfered with the legal process available to Orser and others to obtain Health Department denial for well and septic permits. He requests that the Court reduce the assessed value of the parcels of land to a value not greater than the fair market value.
Case number: 08-C-122

March 31
Systec Inc. d/b/a Abtech Support v. AB&C Group Inc.
PA-Dale A. Buck; J-Gina Groh
* Systec entered into a contract with AB&C to provide maintenance and equipment for computers and electronics. On May 11, 2007, Systec entered into a bail agreement by which Abtech delivered certain property described in full i the bailment agreement by which Abtech agreed to provide said property to AB&C for the purpose of âhot spare support.ã The property remained the sole and exclusive property of Abtech. Systec claims AB&C beached the contract and owes $55,441.96 in past due amounts. in addition to the money, Systec is seeking pre- and post-judgment interest, free delivery of property held by AB&C pursuant to the Bailment Agreement and recovery of costs and fees associated.
Case number: 08-C-131

March 31
AG/IRG WPM Ranson LLC v. AB&C Group Inc, formerly known as Advanced Business and Computer Supply Services Inc., Healthy Directions LLC, Heifer International Foundation, The National Rifle Association, and X, Y and Z
PA-Braun Hamstead; J-Gina Groh
* AG/IRG WPM is owner of real estate in Ranson on 1 Executive Way, the business address of AB&C Group. AG/IRG is in default of lease by reason of abandoning the premises on March 14, 2008, and owes $104, 070.32 in rent. The other defendants may be entitled to recovery of client data situate in the premises and are named solely for the purpose of determining any rights which may have to possession of any client information contained in documents or data within the computers on the premises. AG/IRG asks the court to adjudicate the rights of the defendants AB&C Group, Healthy Directions, Heifer International Foundation, The National Rilfe Association, X, Y and Z; that the court enter into a declaratory ruling adjudging that AB&C is in default of the lease, as well as seek any further relief.
Case number: 08-C-136

April 3
Ronald O. Boyer and Terry Jo Boyer v. David N. Slusher Jr., David Neil Slusher, individually and doing business as Daveás Auto Sales and Service
PA-Robert Aitcheson; J-Gina Groh
* David N. Slusher Jr. was the owner of the dog Hot Rod, which is a part pit-bull, that attacked and injured Ronald Boyer on Oct. 20, 2006. David Neil Slusher is the owner of Daveás Auto Sales and Service on U.S. 340 and is the owner of the premises on which Daveás Auto Sales and Service operates and where the attack took place. Because of the attack Ronald Boyer has incurred medical and related expenses totalling in excess of $1,000 and believes he will incur more in the future for his physical and emotional distress. In addition, Terry Jo Boyer sustained injuries as a result of the attack to Hot Rod to her spouse and is seeking to recover damages for loss of consortium. He is is seeking compensatory damages, both general and special, in an amount exceeding the jurisdictional minimum of the court. Both plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages as well as pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 08-C-139

April 7
Laura Amy Keeton v. David Isaacs
PA-Mark Jenkinson; J-Gina Groh
* Keeton was a pedestrian on East Washington Street in Charles Town when she was struck by a vehicle operated by Isaacs. She has already incurred medical expenses of $14,5000, and believes that she will incur costs and expenses less than $75,000, but greater than the minimum. She is seeking relief.
Case number: 08-C-144

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