Citizens Defense League PAC makes endorsements

By The West Virginia Record | May 8, 2008

MORGANTOWN – The West Virginia Citizens Defense League Political Action Committee is the political action committee of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. WVCDL-PAC evaluates and endorses candidates for public office and is funded through the voluntary contributions of individual WVCDL members.

WVCDL-PAC is pleased to announce that it has endorsed the following candidates:

Attorney General

Dan Greear (R) (primary election only)

Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals (2 to be elected)

Elliott "Spike" Maynard (D)

Beth Walker (R)


District 1: Chris Wakim (R)

District 4: Karen Facemyer (R)

District 8: Paul Gunnoe (D)

District 12: Doug Stalnaker (D)

District 14: Gary Howell (R)
Bob Williams (D) (primary)

District 15: Clark Barnes (R)

House of Delegates

District 1 (2 seats): Pat McGeehan (R)

District 3 (2 seats): Bill Hefner (R)

District 9 (1 seat): Larry Border (R)

District 10 (3 seats): Tom Azinger (R)
John Ellem (R)
Ed Long (R)

District 13 (2 seats): James McCormick (R)

District 15 (3 seats): Kevin Craig (D)
Carol Miller (R)

District 16: (3 seats): Doug Reynolds (D)
Kelli Sobonya (R)

District 19 (4 seats): Ted Ellis (D)

District 22 (2 seats): Mike Burdiss (D)
Daniel Hall (D)

District 24 (1 seat): Harold Wolfe, III (D)

District 25 (2 seats): Marshall Long (D)
Mike Porter (R)

District 27 (5 seats): Rick Moye (D)
Linda Sumner (R)
Al Martine (D)

District 29 (3 seats): John Pino (D)
Margaret Staggers (D)

District 30 (7 seats): Sharon Spencer (D)
Brenda Nichols Harper (D)
Mark Hunt (D)
Jerry Mollohan (D)

District 32 (3 seats): Tim Armstead (R)
Ron Walters (R)

District 33 (1 seat): Ron Blankenship (D)

District 37 (2 seats): Bill Hartman (D)

District 38 (1 seat): Steve Moneypenny (R)

District 39 (1 seat): Bill Hamilton (R)

District 40 (1 seat): Mary Poling (D)

District 42 (1 seat): Mike Manypenny (D)

District 44 (4 seats): Bob Beach (D)
Cindy Frich (R)

District 46 (1 seat): Stan Shaver (D)

District 47 (1 seat): Harold Michael (D)

District 48 (1 seat): Allen Evans (R)

District 52 (1 seat): Craig Blair (R)

District 53 (1 seat): Jonathan Miller (R)

District 57 (1 seat): Betsy Dungan (R)

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