THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | May 16, 2008

April 23

April 23
De Lage Landen Financial Services Inc. vs. Norwood Inc., George Van Wagner and Paul Van Wagner
PA - Johnna Faber; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims the defendants have failed to meet the terms of a March 11, 2005, commercial equipment financing agreement, and the plaintiff is seeking at least $65,858.98 plus other relief.
Case number: 08-C-602

April 24
Tasha B. Deneen vs. Michael A. Malick; Michael A. Malick d/b/a Fuzzy Floors; and Wendy Barrow
PA - D. Michael Burke; J - Gray Silver
* The plaintiff claims Malick was negligent and reckless when he caused a vehicle accident on April 28, 2006, when he attempted to make a left turn and collided with Deneen's vehicle. Malick was driving a Fuzzy Floors vehicle owned by himself and Barrow. Deneen claims she suffered severe and permanent injuries, and she is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.
Case number: 08-C-607

April 25
Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber Inc. vs. American Homes by United Builders LLC
PA - Stephen Gaylock; J - Christopher Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims American Homes owes $124,730.16 plus interest on an account for lumber and supplies. Middle Atlantic is seeking that amount plus other relief.
Case number: 08-C-608

Moler Excavating vs. Norwood Inc., PVW Enterprises LLC and George Van Wagner
PA - Kirk Bottner; J - Gray Silver
* Moler Excavating claims the defendants owe $64,750 plus interest for work that was performed by the plaintiff in accordance with a Feb. 21, 2007, contract. The plaintiff also claims that Van Wagner committed fraud by preparing false documents.
Case number: 08-C-610

May 1
PVW Enterprises LLC vs. Norwood Inc.
PA - Christopher Luttrell; J - Christopher Wilkes
* PVW claims the defendant was fraudulent and breached a $1,620,500 contract from Aug. 20, 2004, in which Norwood agreed to supply and perform sewer installation, road construction and land development. The plaintiff claims that Norwood's president, George Van Wagner, said various work was complete when it wasn't, and the plaintiff later discovered that the work that was completed had several problems and defects. PVW is seeking an amount of relief to be determined at trial.
Case number: 08-C-629

Paul Van Wagner, PVW Enterprises LLC and King Metro Rentals Inc. vs. George Van Wagner
PA - Christopher Luttrell; J - David Sanders
* The plaintiffs claim George Van Wagner forged the name of Paul Van Wagner on a Dec. 11, 2004, loan agreement for $75,578 from the De Lage Landen financing company, and also forged Paul Van Wagner's name on a December 2004 loan agreement on behalf of King Metro for $37,100. The plaintiffs claim the defendant has committed fraud and intentionally deceived in those instances to make personal gain. They are seeking an amount of relief to be determined at trial.
Case number: 08-C-630

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