MORGANTOWN – Monongalia Circuit Judge Robert Stone has ordered mediation of a lawsuit claiming that cheese on a McDonald's sandwich injured Jeromy Jackson, son of Trela Jackson.

Mediation will end Oct. 17, Stone ruled. If it fails, trial would follow in January.

Last year Trela Jackson sued McDonald's Corporation, McDonald's Restaurants of West Virginia and McDonald's of Star City.

She alleged that although Jeromy ordered a Quarter Pounder without cheese, employees served it with cheese.

She claimed he bit into it and suffered an allergic reaction.

She claimed the reaction forced her to put her life and Jeromy's life at risk because she had to rush him to a hospital.

She seeks $10 million in damages.

She represents herself "pro se," without a lawyer. Tim Houston filed the suit but has withdrawn.

Melvin O'Brien represents McDonald's.

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