PARKERSBURG - An Ohio man has filed a federal lawsuit against a West Virginia pharmaceutical company after he was given a dangerous level of a heart medication.

Joe Supinski filed the suit against Mylan Pharmaceuticals in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of West Virginia, Parkersburg Division.

Supinski, of Dillonvale, Ohio, was prescribed Digitek, a common medication used in the treatment of various heart conditions. Digitek, also known as Digoxin, is distributed by Mylan, a Morgantown business.

According to the suit, there have been at least 11 complaints about the adverse side effects, including illnesses and injuries since 2006.

Supinski was prescribed Digitek after he was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm. After ingesting the drug, he suffered from visual changes, bright spots, halos, blurred vision, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, decreased urine output, excessive nighttime urination, difficulty breathing with lying down and other damages, the suit says.

After taking the drug, Supinski learned that the drug contained twice the approved level of active ingredients.

According to the suit, the defendants failed to notify the public of the dangers of the drug, which caused Supinski to suffer bodily injury and damages.

In the five-count suit, Supinski seeks compensatory and punitive damages to cover his injuries.

Attorney Teresa Toriseva is representing Supinski.

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