THIS JUST IN: Jefferson County

By Jillian Kesner | Jul 25, 2008

July 17
Bank of Charles Town v. Allen L. Wu
PA- Stephen G. Skinner; J-Steptoe
* The Bank of Charles Town issued a loan in the amount of $109,415.02, which was secured by a deed of trust dated April 26, 2007, and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Jefferson County. According to the complaint, the defendant failed to pay the real estate taxes, amounting to $368.51, on the property. The Defendant defaulted on the payment of the loan, leading to the Plaintiff foreclosing upon the collateral securing the loan. After application of the net proceeds of the sale of the foreclosure to the loan, the Defendant owes the Plaintiff $36,647.04 plus interest thereon at 7.5 percent per annum from June 13 until paid, plus statutory interest and costs.
Case number 08-C-288

July 18
Neal K. Snyder v. Terry L. Marcus, Ronald E. Marcus, Robin A. Marcus and Sleepy Hollow Partnership a West Virginia Partnership and Marcus Enterprises, LLC, as Managing Partner of Sleepy Hollow Partnership
PA- Kathy M. Santa Barbara; J-Steptoe
* Ronald and Robin Marcus borrowed the principal sum of $70,000 from Snyder for commercial purposes dated Feb. 8, 1991. They agreed to repay Snyder on or before Aug. 8, 1991, with interest at the rate of 12 percent per annum. This note was secured by a Deed of Trust dated Feb. 8, 1991, pursuant to which Ronald Marcus and Robin Marcus conveyed to Nancy McBride, trustee, in trust for the benefit of Snyder, certain improved real property containing 4 acres and situate in Charles Town. A second note was borrowed from Snyder in the sum of $20,000 on July 23, 1991. Ronald and Terry Marcus agreed to repay Snyder with interest at 11 percent plus 1 point. Two additional notes followed, one in Oct. totaling $28,528.22, less one payment in the amount of $375.01 and a fourth totaling $51,476.16 plus simple interest continuing to accrue thereafter at the rate of $7.40. Snyder is requesting the Trustee or such successor trustee he appoints to sell property at public sale;and requests a trial by jury.
Case number 08-C-289

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