THEIR VIEW: Scratching my head over a straight Democratic ticket

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 24, 2008


I sometimes get dozens of e-mails after certain commentaries on my Web site, and sometimes they really make you scratch your head.

And in many ways, you almost have to feel bad for those straight ticket Democratic voters. I mean, they have to see that year after year after year, with continued control of the Democratic party for decades and decades and decades, our state policies and government have been a total trainwreck.

Sen. Walt Helmick and I always had a fun back and forth in the Senate Finance Committee. Pretty much any time an issue came up that was showing a problem in the state, I'd ask Walt if there was some way we could blame this on "Arch." Walt would respond with "We're still trying to figure that out Senator."

Of course, nevermind that Arch Moore hadn't been governor in more than 20 years, yet somehow, every problem in our state is blamed on him. Because, if you are a Democrat and you've run the state for 80 years, well, its difficult to blame yourself for all the problems. So, you try to blame Arch.

So, I scratched my head at the following comment I received the other day ...

"let me assure you I will be voting straight Democratic ticket in the fall. Yes we need to change Wv, but voting Republicans in isn't the answer. Oh yea one more thing, OBAMA 08"

Isn't that a head-scratcher?

So, yes, we need to change West Virginia. And, how are we going to do that? We are going to vote straight ticket Democrat.

Holy smokes.

The Democrats have had vast majorities in the Legislature, all but two Governors and all but three Supreme Court Justices ... in the last 80 years.

I'd say they had their shot. And, failed miserably.

That's what's made me laugh around the Anne Barth campaign. Their theme is that we need to make a change in Washington. Huh? We've had the same people in there for 90 years. We actually have someone new in Shelley and all of a sudden the world is crashing around them.

It just absolutely drives the Democrats to near insanity that Shelley Moore Capito is so popular that she continues to win election after election. So, we need to change that.

And, we need to change West Virginia - yes, by voting a straight ticket Democrat.

How's that worked for you so far, West Virginia?

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