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By Jillian Kesner | Sep 12, 2008

September 3
William Corvino v. Bavarian Inn, Inc.
PA - Jacques R. Williams, Andrew G. Meck J - Steptoe
William Corvino, a resident of New Jersey, was visiting the Bavarian Inn on 4, 2006. At approximately 2:50 a.m. on the morning of Sept. 5, the plaintiff woke up to a sharp pain on the inside of his right inner thigh.

After turning the light on, the plaintiff found that a bat had bitten him on the leg, and the bat was on the wall of his room. The plaintiff approached the bat, hitting it with a shoe until it lay motionless on the hotel room floor and then called for help from the Bavarian Inn management.

Upon information and belief, the Health Department sent the bat to a lab in Charleston for testing which revealed the bat was infected with the rabies virus. The plaintiff was treated for rabies exposure at Jefferson Memorial Hospital, staying in Martinsburg at the Comfort Inn for seven days to ensure he would receive rabies treatments as scheduled.

The plaintiff claims that the defendant breached its duty of care to keep the room the plaintiff occupied in a reasonably safe condition and recklessly causing or allowing a rabid bat to enter and remain in the Plaintiff's room.

The plaintiff seeks such an award in fair and just amount sufficient to punish the defendant for its conduct and to deter others from experiencing a like situation.

Case number: 08-C-345

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