PARKERSBURG – Should a Randolph County couple be successful in their small claim suit against Joseph P. Albright Jr., they will have to wait in line with others to collect their judgment.

A suit filed by Elkins residents Ernest and Roynea Carbo seeking return of a $3,000 retainer paid to Albright is not only suit filed against him in 2008. Earlier this year, the city of Parkersburg filed suit in Wood Magistrate Court seeking payment of delinquent municipal fees.

According to court records, the city filed suit against Albright, the son of state Supreme Court Justice Joseph Albright, on Jan. 18 for unpaid fire, police and sanitation fees on his residence on Jackson Ave. In addition to a fee arrearage of $1,210.88, the city was seeking pre-judgment interest of $465.01 and penalties of $131.42 through Jan. 31.

After he was served with notice of the suit on Feb. 5, Albright never filed a reply prompting the city to seek default judgment. Records show default judgment was granted on March 7.

On April 7, the city filed a lien with the Wood County Clerk's Office against Albright's home.

The March judgment is not only time Albright was in arrears in paying municipal fees or declined to contest a suit the city filed. Records show on Nov. 19, 2002 and June 9, 2004, the city received default judgment on delinquent fees.

The first suit, records show, was filed on Sept. 20, 2002 seeking payment of an unpaid police fee of $69.16 and solid waste disposal fee of $148.56. The city filed its second suit on May 10, 2004 seeking $683.19 from Albright.

In addition to the outstanding $519.84 for a fire protection service charge, the city was seeking $124.27 in pre-judgment interest and $29.08 in penalties through June 30, 2004.

Prior to the city's, two businesses received default judgments against Albright on unpaid credit extended to him.

On Sept. 14, 2001, Washington Mutual brought suit against Albright for $729.94 he had outstanding for the purchase of a big-screen television. Records show on Jan. 15, 2000 he agreed to finance the $1,420 purchase by making 36 monthly payments of $39.45.

When they received no payment after 18 months, Washington Mutual filed its suit. On Oct. 10, 2001, records show it received default judgment.

A month later, records show Albright placed $819.10 on credit with Horner and Harrison, a men's clothing store. On July 14, 2004, after he "refused or failed to pay the same" Horner and Harrison filed suit against Albright for $1,210.05, the amount of the clothing he purchased plus $360.95 in interest.

According to court records, Horner and Harrison received default judgment just over a month later.

In addition to the lien it filed in April, records show the city filed one for the fire service protection fee. Along with a lien it filed, Horner and Harrison filed a writ of garnishment on Oct. 3, 2005 with the state Public Defender Services.

Finally, records in the county clerk's office show the Magistrate Court also filed a lien against Albright after he became delinquent in paying court costs from a 2006 driving on a suspended license charge. According to court records, that lien was filed on March 10.

Wood Magistrate Court, Case No. 08-C-142

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