WINFIELD -- A woman has filed suit against her former employer and supervisor, claiming she had to quit her job after her supervisor repeatedly sexually harassed her.

Suzette Morrison claims Dennis Layton, her supervisor, made sexual comments to her shortly after she began working at American Roof Inc. in September 2005, according to a complaint filed Sept. 15 in Putnam Circuit Court.

Layton's comments grew increasingly graphic the longer Morrison worked there, "including discussions of the size of his penis and the sexual positions in which he and his wife would engage," the suit states.

He would frequently tell dirty jokes to Morrison and other employees and tell them about his sex life with his wife, according to the complaint.

"Defendant Layton would also talk to Plaintiff about his younger days of taking women out and 'doing it' in the back seat, apparently referring to sexual intercourse," the suit states.

Morrison claims Layton once told her he had broken the back seat of his car while having sexual intercourse.

Layton would also repeatedly make comments to Morrison about her relationship with her boyfriend, who was an older man, according to the complaint.

"On one occasion, Defendant Layton stated, 'I know why you are with Mike (Plaintiff's boyfriend at the time), the older men know how to do it don't they baby? The younger guys just don't know how," the suit states.

Morrison claims Layton referred to her as "baby" and to himself as "big daddy."

When Morrison told Layton she was going to use the company's tanning bed after work, he responded, "Can I get in there with you," the suit states.

While she was working, Morrison claims she had to have one of her breasts removed because of a tumor.

"Following that surgery, and on several occasions, Defendant Layton approached the Plaintiff stating "We want to see your tits," the suit states. "Defendant Layton further asked "Can we see your tits? We'll tell you if they look good."

In addition to the sexual innuendo, Layton repeatedly told Morrison she was getting fat, according to the complaint.

"On one occasion, Defendant Layton, while speaking to the other employees at Defendant American Roof, Inc. about the Plaintiff, stated 'she was skinny when we hired her, what the hell happened?'" the suit states. "On another occasion, Defendant Layton stated to the Plaintiff that she 'needed a sex life, maybe you (Plaintiff) could burn some calories that way.'"

Morrison tried to ignore Layton's comments at first, according to the suit.

But as it got worse, she had two meetings with Layton and Greg Lantz, vice president of the company, the suit states.

Morrison claims that during both meetings, she told the men she did not appreciate the way she was being treated.

She decided she could no longer take the harassment, and informed the company of her resignation April 28, according to the suit.

When Morrison turned in her resignation letter, Lantz, the vice president, admitted he had heard some of Layton's comments, but did nothing about it, the suit states.

Because of Layton's actions, Morrison claims she has suffered lost wages, out of pocket losses, substantial emotional and mental distress, humiliation, anxiety, embarrassment, depression, aggravation, annoyance and inconvenience.

In the five-count suit, she is seeking a permanent injunction ordering the company to cease from engaging in the unlawful conduct described in the suit and another ordering it to establish on-going training programs for its employees regarding sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Morrison is also seeking back and front pay, including all the benefits she would have been eligible for, unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, a reimbursement for all out-of-pocket expenses, costs of the suit and pre- and post-judgment interest.

Matthew S. Criswell and Mark L. French of Charleston will be representing Morrison.

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