Greear launches first TV, radio ads

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 2, 2008



CHARLESTON – Dan Greear launched his first statewide television and radio advertisements Wednesday.

Greear, the Rebublican attorney general candidate and a former member of the House of Delegates, portrays himself as a proven leader in the ad.

"As a member of the House of Delegates, Dan Greear fought for the causes of working people," the ad says while flashing a picture of him talking to families. "And with his new direction for the office of attorney general, Dan will restore respect and honor to the office."

Pictures of the candidate as a child and with his wife and two sons flash throughout the ad.

The campaign, titled "Proven Leader, Postive Change," is meant to allow West Virginians to become more familiar with the candidate, he said in a news release.

"We have consistently heard from people across the state they not only want to vote against Darrell, but they want someone they can support," he said. "Our 'Proven Leader, Positive Change' ad campaign will allow the people of our state to get to know me better, to learn when I've come from, and to understand my number one priority will be to restore respect and honor to the office after 16 years of McGraw rule."

Greear, who had run no advertisements before this one, decided to run commercial spots throughout the state to inform people of their options.

"Our focus is to let people know that not only do you get to vote against Darrell McGraw one more time, which there are plenty of reasons for, but you get to vote for Dan Greear," said Suzette Raines, a spokeswoman for his campaign. "You actually have someone wonderful to vote for."

Greear's new ad continues to enforce the campaign's primary message.

"It will highlight the fact that we can make a difference by defeating Darrell McGraw," Greear said. "In three weeks, our campaign has quickly closed the gap to single digits through our ground campaign efforts. But, I also understand that without a strong media campaign, we will not be able to overcome Darrell's significant contributions from trial lawyer friends."

Greear's ad was funded by his campaign.

Greear hopes through his advertising people will understand a change in the attorney general's office will send a positive message to America.

"I have said it many times, but there is no clearer way to send a message to America that West Virginia is truly open for business than by defeating Darrell McGraw," he said.

The campaign is scheduled to run until Election Day and will include a mix of broadcast ads as well as Internet ads.

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