THIS JUST IN: Boone County

By Harmon Marks | Oct 24, 2008

Aug. 6
Steven Currence vs. Hobet Mining, Bucyrus Field Services Inc, D&S Machine and Hydraulics Inc. and Fab-Tec
PA-David H. Carriger; J-Thompson
* Currence worked as a "shovel oiler" of a large earth mover at the Hobet 21 surface mine in August 2006. He wanted to use the hydralic lift to get to the ground, but he says it moved erratically downward, causing him to fall 15 feet to the ground. The complaint says the Mine Safety & Health Administration investigated and "cited Defendant Hobet for failing to maintain the hydraulic lift in a safe operating condition, inasmuch as a safety lock ... was defective per the manufacturer's instructions." He says he suffered permanent serious injuries.
Case number: 08-C-159

Aug. 7
Orville Wiley vs. Chesapeake Appalachia
PA-Joel Baker; J-Thompson
* Wiley seeks damages up to $74,500 to compensate for, among other things, trespass, breach of contract and "unlawful cutting and removal of timber, soil and other valuable plants" from his property.
Case number: 08-C-160

Aug. 18
Carmen and Larry Johnson vs. DaimlerChrysler Motor Company
PA-Chris Younger; J-Thompson
* Plaintiffs seek a jury award for the November 2007 purchase price and related fees on a vehicle they purchases from Stephens Auto Center in Danville. The Williamson couple says the vehicle has had to have numerous repairs, and they've lost use of the vehicle as well as endured annoyance and inconvenience. They also seek attorney fees and costs.
Case number: 08-C-165

Aug. 20
Tanner D. Hill by guardian Stephanie Hill vs. City of Madison
PA-Peter A. Hendricks; J-Thompson
* The case regards a proposed liability insurance settlement of $60,000 regarding a September 2006 fall on Main Street in Madison that injured Tanner D. Hill, then five months old. The Hills, from Dog Fork in Logan County, claim Maidson was negligent in its sidewalk maintenance. They claim the raised abutment caused Tanner's grandmother to fall on the child "with great force and violence." The baby was diagnosed initially wiht a fractured skull and displaced fracture of the left femur.
Case number: 08-C-167

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