CHARLESTON – The state Supreme Court has denied an appeal by Dunbar's mayor, who wanted a ruling against him to be overturned.

The next day, Roger Wolfe was removed from office by a ruling from a three-judge panel.

Roger Wolfe had asked the Justices to overturn a Kanawha Circuit Court ruling saying it was illegal for him to give pay raises to city department heads without City Council approval.

The Court ruled 5-0 Wednesday for the six City Council members who had sued Wolfe, upholding a January ruling by Kanawha Circuit Judge Paul Zakaib.

On Thursday, a panel of three circuit judges from across the state issued an order and opinion removing Wolfe from office immediately for misconduct, neglect of duty and incompetence.

Last year, Wolfe sought to give 22 percent raises to the city's police chief, fire chief, parks director and public works director. City Council vetoed that plan. Wolfe later reclassified the workers as hourly to circumvent the need for council approval.

The fighting between Wolfe and the council members escalated. Wolfe even locked council members out of city hall once, forcing them to meet on the steps, after he said proper notice for the meeting wasn't given.

In February, the council members filed the petition seeking Wolfe's removal from office for conducting city business without council approval.

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