CHARLESTON -- A Mount Olive inmate has filed a federal lawsuit against Hustler for $1 million, alleging that because the magazine once contained pictures of nude children, he should be allowed to have such photos in prison.

"If Hustler is permitted to print such nude photographs of children, then I should be allowed to possess and take photos of the same," William A. LaRue wrote in the complaint he filed Oct. 31 in United States District Court.

LaRue claims he owns back issues of Hustler magazine from November 1976 through February 1977 that display images of naked children.

He wants the issues, but Mount Olive has prohibited him from access to them, the suit states.

"I want these issues and or paid $1 million dollars," LaRue wrote in his complaint.

LaRue is representing himself.

In the 1970s, before an international crackdown on child pornography and when it technically was still legal in the United States, Hustler published photographs of naked children as young as 3 years old in sexual situations with an article titled "Children, Sex and Society."

The article advocated an end to age of consent, called for acceptance of adult-child sex and the legalization of incest.

According to a Wikipedia entry about Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, a February 1975 article entitled "Adolescent Fantasy" had an uncle photographed sexually with his niece. And in October 1976, a naked Girl Scout was photographed soliciting sex. In August 1981, a nude young girl was photographed with her dollies, saying to the viewer; "You would be surprised what a 'little girl can do. ..."

Hustler also published a recurring cartoon called "Chester the Molester," which often featured child molestation.

U.S. District Court case number: 2:08-1214

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