Huntington man sues HPD, officers for harassment

By Kelly Holleran | Dec 17, 2008

HUNTINGTON – A Huntington resident has filed suit against the Huntington Police Department, a Huntington officer and other unidentified officers, alleging he was repeatedly harassed after calling an ambulance to rush his daughter to a hospital.

Bruce A. Bellew II called 911 on July 12 at 6 a.m., after finding his daughter on the couch near an empty pill bottle and a note, according to the federal complaint filed Nov. 21.

Bellew asked 911 officials to enter his house located at 3305 Third Avenue through the rear because he had just finished hanging a door at the front of his house and could not use it, the suit states.

After the ambulance picked up his daughter, Bellew claims he turned around to secure his house and saw an Officer Lucas and two other officers stepping off his front porch.

Bellew asked the officers if they had broken his front door, according to the complaint.

"Officer Lucas laughed loud and wildly," the suit states. "Then Lucas said 'Fuck you, you've got a fucked up door,' then laughed right in my face as he walked by Plaintiff out the rear gate. He said (Lucas) the F. you M.F. so many times that I really lost count."

Bellew claims tried to explain to Lucas that he told EMS workers to enter through the rear of the house, to which Lucas replied, "I don't work for EMS M.F.r so F. you."

Bellew asked Lucas if he could spell cat or dog, and in return, received "another flurry of yelling obscenities," according to the complaint.

After asking Lucas his name, Bellew claims Lucas pointed toward his name tag and said "Lucas M.F.r."

Because of the officer's behavior, Bellew was detained from his daughter, who was in critical condition and who remained at the hospital for 12 days, the suit states.

Bellew only filed the suit on the advice of a judge, he claims.

"As matter of fact, I've been a little afraid of repercussion, this was not the first time I've seen Lucas display erratic behavior," he states in the suit.

After the July 12 incident, Bellew sought help from another Huntington police officer, Detective M. Ash, due to destruction to his daughter's car, according to the complaint.

However, Ash "made excuses for the suspect," Bellew claims.

"I feel if I've been black listed for any help or services from Huntington Police Dept.," he wrote in the suit.

On Oct. 7, Bellew was arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, which he denies.

He claims officers never performed a breathalyzer test on him or a sobriety test.

"I walked from 8th St. and 4th Ave. Htgn, W.V. to 3305 3rd ave after 12:00 A.M. midnight," he wrote in the suit. "That's over 20 city blocks. Plaintiff wasn't intoxicated to walk this far."

While Bellew was sitting in the back of a cruiser, Lucas walked by, according to the complaint.

Lucas was "pointing and laughing saying 'I kicked this M.F.r's door in,'" the suit states. "Then told me 'Fuck you your going to jail.' Then made fun of me."

Since the multiple incidents, Bellew claims he's had trouble sleeping at night.

"I'm scared this Lucas will find reason to kick the door in again," he wrote in the suit. "This treatment from the Huntington Police Department has my family in fear."

In the three-count suit, Bellew is seeking a declaratory judgment toward damage of the property, punitive damages, costs and other relief the court deems appropriate.

Bellew is representing himself.

United States District Court case number: 3:08-1360

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