THIS JUST IN: Monongalia County

by Donna Kisner |
Jan. 30, 2009, 1:15am

Jan. 26
Lauren Ellis as Adminstratrix of Leif James Ellis v. University Foods, Inc., Fama Jama Party, Jamieson Family Markets, K2 Engineering, Lone Pine Construction, Tri County Electric Company, Penn Line Service, Brookside Holdings and Petroplus and Associates
PA-L. Lee Javins; Judge N/A
* Employed as a general laborer by Lone Pine Construction Company, Leif Ellis was constructing a wooden loading dock near the rear portion of the Everyday's A Party facility located on University Avenue. He installed screws to the wall of the facility to anchor the loading dock to the building's framework. While examining the screws that he had installed, he was required to enter into an area between the outer wall of the facility and the location where a large metallic refrigeration unit had been installed. The branch wiring above the ceiling of the facility had not been removed or disconnected. An exposed energized conductor came into contact with the ungrounded metallic walk in refrigeration unit and as Ellis approached the unit to inspect the screw installed in the adjacent wall, he came into contact with the energized metallic casing, exposing him to a high voltage of electrical current. This resulted in his death by electrocution. Lauren Ellis is seeking judgment, jointly and severally, against all defendants, costs, attorney fees, and pre and post judgment interest.
Case number: 09-C-34

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