CHARLESTON -- To most people, Feb. 14 represents a chance to give flowers, candy or maybe even a ring to that special someone.

But to Charleston lawyer Rusty Webb, the day brings a chance to offer a free divorce.

"For a lot of people it's going to be Valentine's Day, but for the winner it's going to be Independence Day," Webb said.

For the second year in a row, Webb is offering a free divorce to the West Virginia citizen who presents the most compelling story as to why they deserve a free divorce.

Last year's inaugural contest made national news and received one billion hits on Google, Webb said.

But things are a little different this year.

Webb agreed to participate in the contest last year after a local radio station approached him with the idea.

However, this year Webb has decided to take on the contest by himself.

And he has decided to make the event an annual one.

Already this year, Webb has started to receive completed questionnaires, but cannot predict how many he will receive before the end of the contest.

"It depends on how much publicity it gets," he said.

Last year's winner was Christina Berry from Putnam County.

To apply for the contest, people need to visit RustyWebb.com or freevalentinesdivorce.com and click the "Enter" button.

Once there, they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire where they have the opportunity to describe why they believe they deserve the free divorce.

The free divorce is limited to an uncontested, no-fault divorce with no or minimal child custody issues.

While the service is free, the winner will be responsible for all fees, costs and expenses associated with the divorce.

Current clients of Webb are exempt from receiving the prize. Only West Virginia residents are eligible.

All questionnaires must be submitted by Feb. 13. Webb will choose the winner Feb. 14.

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