THIS JUST IN: Monongalia County

By Donna Kisner | Feb 20, 2009

Feb. 11
Hugh Joseph and Sandra Blake v. Monongalia General Hospital
PA-Steven Shaffer and Paul Estep; Judge N/A
* Hugh Blake was a patient at Monongalia General Hospital, receiving a total knee arthroplasty. After surgery, he received physical therapy to exercise his right knee in his hospital room. Later that evening Blake complained of his lower back hurting and asked for a heating pad. A nurse's aide provided the heating pad to Blake even though he was sedated with ocycodone and morphine. When Sandra Blake returned to her husband's room he asked her to check the heating pad. When she did, she found that the pad was placed on his upper and not lower back, and the pad had no covering on it. As a result of laying on the pad for 6 hours, Blake sustained severe burns. The Blakes are seeking judgment against Monongalia General Hospital for injuries, damages, pre and post judgment interest, attorney fees and punitive damages.
Case number: 09-C-78

Feb. 13
Krystal Biro v. WVU Hospitals Inc.
PA-Brent Beveridge; Judge n/a
* Krystal Biro was employed by WVU Hospitals as a certified pharmacy technician. She reported for work while she was taking prescribed medication for a sinus infection. She claims she was forced to appear for work while taking the medication as a result of the attendance policy that prohibits more than 3 absences in a 90-day period. Biro submitted to a drug test because her employer believed she was under the influence of drugs because she was stumbling and her speech was slurred. The test turned out to be negative except for the prescription drug she was prescribed. Biro was subsequently discharged from her employment. She is seeking judgment for economic losses, damages and emotional distress.
Case number: 09-C-84

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