THIS JUST IN: Wood County

by Lawrence Smith |
Feb. 20, 2009, 1:05am

Feb. 17
Taylor Made Golf Company v. Dean A. Wesson
P.A. - James M. Bradley Jr.; J-not yet assigned
* The plaintiff, a Delaware-based corporation doing business in West Virginia, is suing the defendant for failure to pay on goods and services sold to him. The plaintiff is seeking judgment in the amount of the unpaid goods and services, $13,563.82 plus interest
Case number: 09-C-73

Jennings H. Stewart Jr. v. Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital Corp., BestPractices of West Virginia Inc. and Brian K. Richardson, M.D.
P.A. - James I. Stealey; J - Not yet assigned
* The plaintiff, a Jackson County resident, is suing the defendants for malpractice after he suffered a stroke at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital on Jan. 18, 2007. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages.
Case number: 09-C-74

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