CHARLESTON – Michelle Brock has won a free divorce contest the Webb Law Firm gives away annually on Valentine's Day.

Brock, a 43-year-old college student from Cabell County who will be graduating from Marshall in May, is the second winner of the contest, which began last year.

"I felt hers was the most compelling of the entries," attorney Rusty Webb said. "She just wanted to get a fresh start."

Brock was married in 2002 and separated in 2006, Webb said.

The case will be filed in Cabell County.

Webb's free divorce contest was swept under the national spotlight last year when it appeared on news programs across the country and received one billion hits on Google, Webb said.

Webb agreed to participate in the contest last year after a local radio station approached him with the idea.

However, this year Webb decided to take on the contest by himself.

And he received quite a few entries –- even from people in Ohio and Kentucky. However, the contest is only open to West Virginians because the Mountain State is the only state where Webb is licensed to practice.

Last year's winner was Christina Berry from Putnam County.

The free divorce was limited to an uncontested, no-fault divorce with no or minimal child custody issues.

While the service is free, Brock will be responsible for all fees, costs and expenses associated with the divorce.

Brock was notified she was the winner Feb. 19.

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