POINT PLEASANT -- An Ohio man is alleging he was permanently injured when his "life-threatening complaints" were not taken seriously by his physician.

Michael Little filed a lawsuit against Dr. James P. Wagner in Mason Circuit Court on Feb. 27. In his complaint, filed with the assistance of Robert P. Welsh of the Masters Law Firm in Charleston, Little, 57, of Gallipolis, Ohio, alleges that the brain injuries he suffered were a result of Wagner's malpractice.

According to court records, Little sought treatment from Wagner, 65, on Dec. 11, 2006. Records are unclear if this was the first time Little saw Wagner, or if he'd been a regular patient.

However, Little alleges on that day he presented to Wagner "life-threatening complaints." Though his suit does not specify the nature of the complaints, Little alleges Wager failed to appreciate how serious and life-threatening they were.

According to the suit, Little was a patient at Pleasant Valley Hospital the day he was treated by Wagner. Little alleges at no time during his stay, and under Wagner's care did Wagner order any testing relating to Little's complaints or consult with specialists including a neurologist.

In his suit, Little alleges the untreated complaints led to life-threatening complications. Though records are unclear if it occurred the day he was at PVH and under Wager's care or sometime later, Little alleges those complications led to an undiagnosed brain abscess, spinal meningitis and two strokes which left him "with permanent and irreversible brain injury."

As a result of Wagner's alleged malpractice, Little says he has and "continues to experience and endure, great physical and mental pain and suffering." Also, he has and "continues to expend sums of money for medical care and treatment far in excess of that which he would have incurred but for the negligence of Dr. Wagner."

Furthermore, Little's wife, Kathy, 46, makes a claim of a loss of spousal consortium and household services due to Michael's injuries. She is listed as a co-plaintiff in the suit.

The Littles are seeking unspecified damages, interest and costs.

The case has been assigned to Judge David W. Nibert.

Mason Circuit Court case number: 09-C-24

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