Dear Editor:

I am overly concerned about the fact that the state Supreme Court wants to maliciously spend our tax dollars on raises for Family Court Judges.

For crying out loud, the role model Family Court Judge Mike Kelley even testified before the West Virginia Senate last year that he does not follow the West Virginia Code when it comes to custody cases. Not to mention our state and country is in financial ruins as it stands now.

I opposed the hiring of the additional Family Court Judges last year. What we need to do is pass legislation that will cut down on the conflict in the family courts, not hire more judges. Tackle the root of the problem. If you want to kill a weed, you don't clip the top off -- you dig up the root.

There are better things our tax dollars can be spent on. Perhaps, bettering the school systems for our children, health care for our low income families with children, vetrans, and elderly. Let's spend our tax dollars where our children will benefit from it in the future -- remember, root of the problem -- not 45 judges who will be costing the tax payers and our children -- future taxpayers -- $4.5 million per year.

Let's do something that our children will be proud of us for doing. Handing children over a $4.5 million future debt is hardly something that I would be bragging about.

Remember, if you want to be a defensive winner, you don't tackle the blocker -- you tackle the man with the ball.

I do not want my tax dollars wasted on pay hikes for family law judges.

Also, I am a regular reader of The West Virginia Record. You guys do a exellent job when it comes to reporting to the public on everything that tries to get swept under the rug.

Fred E. Schermerhorn
Springfield, W.Va.

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