THIS JUST IN: Jackson County

by Lawrence Smith |
Apr. 3, 2009, 2:05am

March 18
Traders Bank Inc. v. West Virginia Bankers Title LLC, Investors Title Insurance Company, Eric J. Holmes, the Law Offices of Harris and Holmes, LLC and Polaris of Ripley, LLC
PA- James B. Less; J - Evans
* The plaintiff, a Ravenswood bank, is suing the defendants regarding a defective title Polaris gave to Traders Bank as collateral for a $397,472.77 loan in 2006 it defaulted on in 2008. Specifically, Traders is suing Title Insurance and West Virginia Bankers Title for failing to honor its claim for the defective title as well as and Holmes, individually, and his law firm, Harris and Holmes, for negligence in failing to conduct a careful review of property records. They are seeking unspecified damages, costs and fees.
Case number: 09-C-32

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