THIS JUST IN: Kanawha County

By Justin Anderson | May 8, 2009

April 23

April 23
Charles C. Simpson v. Trina Jividen
PA – Henry R. Glass: J – Tod Kaufman
* The plaintiff claims he leased a residential property to the defendant on Staunton Avenue for $800 a month. The plaintiff says the defendant vacated the property on March 31, owing $1,700.
Case number: 09-C-748

April 24
Beatrice Walker v. Lowes Home Centers
PA – Shannon M. Bland: J – James Stucky
* The plaintiff says she was at a Lowes store on MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston in 2007 when she slipped and fell over a pallet that was obstructing an aisle.
Case number: 09-C-760

Bowles Rice McDavid Graff and Love v. M&M Kids and Gemark Services
PA – Edward D. McDevitt: J – Irene Berger
* The plaintiffs say the defendants owe them $14,500 because the plaintiff acted as bond counsel for the state. The state issued $4.6 million in economic development bonds to the defendants to start a business in Bluefield.
Case number: 09-C-761

Christopher and Jennifer Kannengeiser v. Prima Marketing and Allan Conrad
PA – Jeremiah F. McCormick: J – Irene Berger
* The plaintiffs allege Christopher was injured when a canopy at the 7-11 in Cross Lanes fell on top of him after being struck by a vehicle driven by Conrad.
Case number: 09-C-762

April 27
G.A.C. Inc. d.b.a. VIP Lounge and George Chaber v. city of St. Albans
PA – Richard Lindroth: J – Tod Kaufman
* The plaintiffs want the judge to stop the city from interfering with their operation of a bar in an area where council has prohibited the establishment of new bars. The plaintiffs say they can operate under the "existing use" exemption in the city ordinance.
Case number: 09-C-769

April 28
Sandra Wanless v. West Virginia Department of Transportation and Division of Highways
PA – Kristina Thomas Whiteaker: J – Irene Berger
* The plaintiff, an employee of the DOH, says she was passed over for a promotion because of her gender.
Case number: 09-C-775

Ronald Doug Mullins v. Manufactured Housing Enterprises, CMH Homes, et al
PA – Kristina Thomas Whiteaker: J – Jennifer Bailey Walker
* The plaintiff says he bought a faulty manufactured home that still isn't right despite numerous repairs. The plaintiff adds he was injured when he fell through the living room floor.
Case number: 09-C-776

West Virginia Radio Corp. v. Tom Peden, et al
PA – David M. Thomas: J – Louis Bloom
* The plaintiff claims the defendants owe $20,172 for radio advertising.
Case number: 09-C-777

April 30
Sandy Blake v. Canaan Valley Institute
PA – Christopher T. Pritt: J – Jennifer Bailey Walker
* The plaintiff says she was laid off by the defendant and is still owed for overtime she worked.
Case number: 09-C-793

May 1
Amelia and Cebert Brammer v. Bill Rose
PA – Duane C. Rosenlieb: J – Irene Berger
* The plaintiffs seek damages over the defendant's allegedly exposing himself to Amelia, who was the defendant's mother's caretaker.
Case number: 09-C-797

Scott H. Johnson v. McDonald's Corp. and Paul McGervey
PA – Franklin L. Gritt Jr.: J – Charles King
* The plaintiff says he slipped and fell on a wet floor at the McDonald's restaurant at 2535 Mountaineer Blvd. in South Charleston. He claims there were no "wet floor" signs put out after the area had been mopped.
Case number: 09-C-798

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