June 22
Marcia Perry, Sheena Evans, Cynthia Moore Sivert v. Brian J. Stone, Automatic Slims Hot Spot and Novichenk's Tailgater's Pub 2
PA-Avrum Levicoff, Aaron Lee Harrah and Bradley H. Thompson; Judge Clawges
* In July 2007 while driving east on Interstate 68, Brian J. Stone lost control of his vehicle, struck the rear end of the Evan's vehicle, causing it to leave the road, cross the median and enter the westbound lanes into the path of the Perry family's trailblazer, causing a massive collision. As a result of the accident three members of the Perry family and two members of the Evan family were killed and seven other of their family members were hospitalized. Stone was convicted on 25 counts relating to the accident including DUI third or subsequent offense, five counts of DUI causing death and seven counts of DUI causing injury. Perry, Evans and Sivert as personal representatives of the estates allege Automatic Slims Hot Spot and Novichenk's are liable for serving Stone alcohol that evening. The families seek judgment for compensatory and punitive damages, and prejudgment interest on special damages.
Case number: 09-C-428

Mary Margaret and Richard Wayne Wilson v. Sam's Club
PA-Bader Giggenbach; Judge Tucker
* After checking out and getting ready to leave Sam's, Mary Margaret Wilson slipped on water on the floor and fell, striking her head on the concrete floor. She seeks judgment for past, present and future damages, mental and emotional distress, hospital and medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
Case number: 90-C-429

July 1
Jeff Hunt and Cecil Walsh v. The City of Westover and Cranston David Johnson
PA-Edward R. Kohout; Judge N/A
* Former Westover employees Jeff Hunt and Cecil Walsh allege they were terminated from their jobs when new Mayor Cranston David Johnson took office. Hunt reported problems with the City sewage system; operating an illegal garbage transfer station and complained of inadequate pipe repairs in the City. Both Hunt and Walsh complained of the City paving a private alley located between a Council member and a relative's home. They also complained of items purchased with grant money, as well as missing manhole covers and wiring. After being written up by the Mayor for alleged false disciplinary violations, both were fired in March 2008. They seek reinstatement, front and back pay, attorney fees and cost for litigation.
Case number: 09-C-460

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