THIS JUST IN: Mason County

By Lawrence Smith | Jul 10, 2009

June 10
Progressive Specialty Insurance Company v. Allen Johnson
P.A. - Ryan S. Marsteller; J - Nibert
* The plaintiff, a Mayfield, Ohio-based business, is suing the defendant, a Mason resident, for subrogation of a claim filed by its policyholder, Judith Knapp, following a collision between her daughter, Ashley, and the defendant on June 19, 2007. In addition to a judgment of $56,386.02, they are seeking costs, fees and interest.
Case number: 09-C-69

June 16
Brenda Lee Bailes and Breanna Milhoan v. Todd Andrew McDade, Mark and Brenda Wright
P.A. - Charles M. Hatcher; J - Nibert
* The plaintiffs, residents of Glenwood, are suing the defendants, for injuries they sustained in a collision with McDade on June 21, 2007 at the intersection of W. Va. 2 and Crab Creed Road in Gallipolis Ferry. They are seeking damages in a minimum of $20,000 each for lost wages and hospitalization plus interest and costs.
Case number: 09-C-70

June 23
Charles D. McCallister v. Pleasant Valley Hospital
P.A. - pro se.; J - Nibert
* The plaintiff, a resident of Apple Grove, is suing the defendant for injuries he sustained from a dog bite while outside the emergency room while awaiting a wheelchair for his wife. He is seeking damages of $5,000. The case was originally filed in Mason Magistrate Court on May 29 and removed to circuit court at the request of the defendant.
Case number: 09-C-73

June 25
Cindy and Greg Stalnaker v. Jim Rubenstein and the West Virginia Division of Corrections
P.A. - Craig Tatterson; J - Nibert
* The plaintiffs are suing the defendants for injuries Cindy sustained on June 27, 2007 after falling on slippery floor at the Lakin Correctional Center following a job interview. Greg makes a claim for loss of consortium. They are seeking unspecified damages.
Case number: 09-C-74

Darrell B. and Mary Lou Cogar and Jonathan Dean v. Donna G. and Scott Slayton
P.A. - R. Michael Shaw; J - Nibert
* The plaintiffs are suing the defendants for deliberately setting fire to their property. They are seeking judgment in the amount of the damages, $8,723.83
Case number: 09-C-75

June 26
Samantha G. Adams v. Lawrence J. Lee and Estes Express Lines
P.A. - James M. Casey; J - Nibert
* The plaintiff, a resident of Southside, is suing the defendants in both her personal capacity and as administratrix of the estate of Betty C. Errett for Errett's wrongful death following a collision on June 27, 2007 with Lee on U.S. 35. She is seeking unspecified damages and fees.
Case number: 09-C-76

In re: Kelly Randolph, as the natural parent and next friend of Christina Marie Bonecutter, an infant
P.A. - Bradley H. Layne: J - Nibert
* The plaintiff is petitioning the court to approve settlement of an insurance claim against Dairyland Insurance Company. Randolph is seeking $20,000 against the policy held by Herbert Willet for injuries her daughter, Christina, sustained on Nov. 16, 2008 while riding as a passenger in vehicle driven by Jackie Randolph, a 15-year-old unlicensed driver, following a single-vehicle accident.

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