Conservative group wants Manchin, Legislature to oppose cap & trade

By Chris Dickerson | Aug 5, 2009


CHARLESTON -- A statewide conservative group is urging Gov. Joe Manchin and the state Legislature to take formal action to protect West Virginia jobs by issuing a joint resolution opposing cap & trade.

"Governor Manchin has indicated he may call a Special Session of the Legislature to deal with municipal pension debt," said Mike Stuart, president of the West Virginia Conservative Foundation. "If such a session is called, we strongly urge the Governor to add to the call a Joint Resolution by the Legislature opposing cap & trade and urging Congress to refuse to enact this devastating bill.

"We thank Congressmen Capito, Rahall, and Mollohan for voting against the proposal and Senator Byrd for his stated position against the bill. West Virginia's economy will be severely damaged if any version of cap & trade is enacted.

"In West Virginia alone, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost and hundreds of millions in state revenue eliminated. We cannot afford the cost of cap and trade to our region or the destruction of the coal industry that will result."

"We need a Joint Resolution supported by both Democrats and Republicans because working folks of every political party stand to lose. It would be a strong statement to Congress and the President. Ohio has already taken action."

In June, the Ohio General Assembly adopted a similar resolution opposing the implementation of a cap-and-trade emissions trading system.

"The West Virginia Conservative Foundation sponsored two successful "Say No to Cap and Trade:" Rallies on July 18, as well as a Town Hall Meeting," Stuart said. "We are going to make sure our voices our heard on this issue.

"The Governor and the Legislature must provide leadership to protect West Virginia jobs by standing together against cap & trade."

The House of Representatives passed the proposed bill in June by a vote of 219-212. West Virginia's three House members all voted against the legislation: Democrats Nick J. Rahall and Alan Mollohan and Republican Shelley Moore Capito.

The West Virginia Conservative Foundation was formed as an independent organization to help promote conservative values and policies at the federal, state, and local levels. For more information, visit

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