THIS JUST IN: Lincoln County

by Harmon Marks |
Aug. 14, 2009, 2:00am

June 17
Horse Creek Land & Mining Co. Inc. vs. McClure Logging Inc.
PA-Thomas Persinger; J-Hoke
* Complaint says the Alkol logger trespassed on Horse Creek property and cut and removed saw timber quality trees with a total value of not less than 111,000 board feet with a value of at least $45,000. Plaintiff seeks jury award of $45,000 with interest, court costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 09-C-73

June 22
Harley-Davidson Financial Services Inc. vs. Paula Randall Simpson and George R. Simpson
PA-Ryan S. Marsteller; J-Hoke
* Complaint says the Simpsons are responsible for more than $22,600 of a defaulted contract to purchase a 2004 model used bike. The finance company seeks the amount of the unpaid contract or repossession of the vehicle plus interest and court costs.
Case number: 09-C-74

July 6
Marty and Abigail McClure vs. Chesapeake Appalachia LLC, True Line Surveying Inc. and Does 1-10
PA-Joel Baker; J-Hoke
* The McClure say the defendants unlawfully cut and removed timber then drilled a natural gas well on their property. They seek compensatory, exemplary and punitive damages jointly and severally including compensation for natural gas extracted to date.
Case number: 09-C-76

July 29
Jennifer J. Bragg vs. Andrew Adkins and Joseph Adkins and Sheriff's Deputy Lee Preece Jr.
PA-W. Dale Greene; J-Hoke
* Bragg says there was no legal process when defendants sought to procure personal property of Jack Adkins, deceased brother of Andrew and Joseph Adkins, from Bragg's residence at Palermo on July 30, 2008. She says the deputy broke the door of her home and pushed her into rear of a police cruiser. She seeks compensatory damages for personal injuries, punitive damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, court costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 09-C-83

Aug. 4
Wallace Turley and Gwendolyn J. Turley vs. Jimmy Turley
PA-C. Joseph Stevens; J-Hoke
* The couple wants a court order for defendant to vacate a premises they own because of is undesirable behavior.
Case number: 09-C-87

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