MARTINSBURG -- A man has filed suit against the Berkeley County Board of Education, alleging he deserves $1 million after he says the school board damaged his character by filing legal proceedings against him after he allegedly failed to pay for vehicles at an auction.

Darryl Palmer claims a police report was filed against him by school board member Jacqueline Long, who stated to Trooper Walker a check was given to the Berkeley County Board of Education.

Although it is not entirely clear why Long filed the police report, Palmer's complaint filed July 9 in Berkeley Circuit Court does say Palmer received a demand letter from Terry Forrest, who is an employee with Berkeley County School's department of transportation, to pay for a vehicle.

Palmer contends he received the vehicle from Edwards Auction Service and paid the auctioneer directly, and because of this, the school board should never have gotten involved.

"This check was third party check given directly to Edwards Auction Service," the complaint says. "This man is the one that conducted the auction, gave out numbers and collected the money. This check in question should have been made payable to Edwards Auction Service, then reissued a check back to Berkeley County Board of Education, thus making him the one that should have filed charges against me."

In his complaint, Palmer admits he did put a stop payment on the vehicles he received at the auction because they were damaged.

In addition to the $1 million, Palmer is seeking "the cost of legal fees incurred, jail time served, fines imposed due to the conviction along with a lasting scar on my criminal record, next would be not being able to have weapons or a federal job, along with numerous other factors."

Palmer will be representing himself.

Berkeley Circuit Court case number: 09-C-546

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