THIS JUST IN: Putnam County

by Chris Dickerson |
Sep. 4, 2009, 2:25am

Aug. 26
Stephan Serfontein and Maria Serfontein vs. Jeremy Dosier and Quality Lawn Care LLC
PA-William D. Marcum and Paul G. Papadopoulous; J-Spaulding
* The plaintiffs claim a retaining wall built by the defendants in their backyard in July 2006 began to slip in May 2009, creating large holes or trenches. They say they have suffered damages to their property, including continued slippage. They seek damages of not less than $53,980 plus attorney fees and costs.
Case number: 09-C-412

Carter Sales And Service Inc. and Donald R. Carter vs. Kubota Credit Corporation USA
PA-D. Adrian Hoosier II; J-Stowers
* CSS and Carter say they entered into an oral agreement with Kubota to bring their account current and avoid repossession of Kubota's equipment. After the oral agreement, Kubota still demanded full payment of $60,000 to avoid repossession. Plaintiffs seek damages for breach of contract, temporary injunction preventing repossession, attorney fees, court costs, damages for annoyance and aggravation as well as other costs.
Case number: 09-C-413

Aug. 31
Carlton Thornton and Cinda Thornton vs. Diana Lynn Osborne and David Osborne
PA-Harvey D. Peyton; J-Stowers
* Plaintiffs own a home in Liberty. They say that in April and May, the defendants carelesslly and negligently or deliberately and intentionally damaged their residence in an amount of more than $10,000. They claim Diana Lynn Osborne also stole money and personal property in a value of more than $5,000. They say the defendants also inflicted emotional distress by breaking into their home, firing gunshots and stealing money and property. They seek compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 09-C-414

BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company vs. Whittaker LLC and Andrew Whittaker
PA-Clinton W. Smith; J-Spaulding
* BrickStreet provides workers' compensation insurance. It says Whittaker LLC and owner Andrew "Jack" Whittaker owe $45,410 in premium. It seeks that amount plus pre- and post-judgment interest, late charges, attorney fees, collection fees, costs and other relief.
Case number: 09-C-417

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