THIs JUST IN: Jefferson County

By Jillian Kesner | Oct 2, 2009

Sept. 24
Dr. James Gibson and Barbara Gibson v. The Jefferson County Planning Commission
J – Sanders; PA – J. Michael Cassell
* The plaintiffs seek a Writ of Certiorari for review and reversal of the illegal and erroneous decision. They own Allstadt's Corner Subdivison in Harpers Ferry. On July 14, the Commission approved the final plat for Allstadt's Corner that was filed by the plaintiff as a residential subdivision. During a public hearing, prior to final plat approval, representatives on behalf of the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park expressed interest in negotiating the acquisition for the Allstadt's Corner Property to augment the Harpers Ferry National Park. The plaintiffs assert that the defendant acted without a substantial factual basis, committed error of law and acted beyond its jurisdiction when the Commission denied Gibson's Request for Extension of Time on Aug. 25. Gibson requests that this Court review and reverse the erroneous decision made by the Commission. The plaintiffs also request that the Court conduct a full and fair review of all proceedings in matters pertaining to the Allstadt's Corner Subdivision and issue an order to reverse and vacate the denial of the request for an extension filed by Gibson and grant the extension.
Case number: 09-C-364

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