THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Oct 2, 2009

Sept. 16
Daniel Jacob Schildt vs. Michelle Ann Obold
PA - W. Richard McCune; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims he obtained a judgment against the defendant on May 10, 2006, for $102,417.70, in regard to "the value of Plaintiff's improvements to Defendant's land." The amount remains outstanding, and the plaintiff is seeking that the defendant's real estate property be sold to satisfy the judgment.
Case number: 09-C-768

Sept. 18
Summit Community Bank vs. Todd Blinkenstaff, John W. Jenkins Jr. and Arthur M. Dodson III
PA - Tracey Rohrbaugh; J - Silver
* The plaintiff claims that the defendants owe $153,159.82 plus interest after dafaulting on a promissory note from June 8, 2006, and after a real estate foreclosure sale.
Case number: 09-C-773

Sept. 21
Centra Bank Inc. vs. Jennifer J. Grafton-Gore
PA - Susan Snowden; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims the defendant defaulted on the terms of a $2.3 million agreement from March 7, 2006. After a foreclosure sale and previous payments, the defendant still owes at least $916,023.93 plus interest.
Case number: 09-C-774

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