THIS JUST IN: Jackson County

By Lawrence Smith | Oct 2, 2009

Sept. 25

Sept. 25
Denward Gayle and Elmer Lee Walker vs. Community Health Associates d/b/a Jackson General Hospital
PA - Ted M. Kanner and Otis R. Mann Jr.; J - Evans
* The plaintiffs, residents of Kenna, are suing the defendants for injuries Denward received on July 11, 2008, after first tripping on a rug, and later being struck by automatic doors. Elmer makes a claim for loss of consortium. They are seeking unspecified damages, court costs and interest.
Case number: 09-C-107

Charlotte Myers vs. Cow Run 3D Archery Range LLC and Gold Tip Inc.
PA - Michael A. Turkaly and Shannon Bland; J - Nibert
* The plaintiff, a resident of Ripley, is suing the defendants for injuries she sustained on Sept. 26, 2007, from a broken arrow she was attempting to shoot from a bow manufactured by Gold Tip, a Utah company, and purchased at Cow Run. She is seeking unspecified damages, court costs, attorney fees and interest.
Case number: 09-C-108

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