THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

By Beth Henry | Oct 9, 2009

Sept. 23
Vezer Industrial Professionals Inc., formerly known as Vezer's Precision Industrial Constructors International Inc. vs. Capitol Cement Corp., Essroc Cement Corp., NCNB National Bank of North Caroline, David Shepler, trustee, and George C. Leslie, trustee
PA - Eric Hulett; J - Silver
* The plaintiff claims the defendants Capitol Cement and Essroc Cement owe at least $16,236,002.07 after failing to make payments under the terms of an installation contract from July 27, 2007. The plaintiff is seeking that amount and enforcement of its mechanic's lien against the defendants.
Case number: 09-C-782

September 24
S&R Enterprises LLC vs. Capitol Cement Corp., North Star Foundations Inc. and West Virginia State Tax Department
PA - Dale Buck; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims it performed work on Capitol Cement property under the terms of a subcontract with the general contractor, Vezer's Precision Industrial Constructors International Inc., and was not paid for materials or services. The plaintiff is seeking at least $1,888,250.67 and other relief.
Case number: 09-C-798

September 25
Traci Stone vs. Berkeley County Commission
PA - Paul Taylor; J - Groh
* The plaintiff claims she was injured and suffered great physical and emotional pain after her shoe got caught in a slip guard strip on a step, causing her to trip and fall down an entire flight of stairs on Sept. 28, 2007, while she was visiting a public county building. She is seeking an amount of relief to be determined.
Case number: 09-C-802

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