Cabell Huntington Hospital

HUNTINGTON -- A woman is suing Cabell Huntington Hospital and two physicians for negligence and wrongful death.

Leah Renee Harrison is the personal representative of the Estate of Eldon Lee Burrows, who was admitted to Cabell Huntington Hospital March 24, 2007, for evaluation and treatment related to chest pain.

Dr. John Cornell, a family practice physician, was Burrows' referring physician and Dr. Charles E. Meadows III, an internal medicine physician, was his consulting physician, according to a complaint filed Sept. 18 in Cabell Circuit Court.

Harrison claims Burrows was given certain diagnostic tests, including a CT scan of his chest, which revealed a nodule on his lung that should have been considered malignant, but was considered to be negative.

Burrows was discharged from the hospital March 27, 2007, unaware there was a malignant nodule on his lung, according to the suit.

Following his discharge, Burrows met with his primary care physician, Dr. Gary Cremeans, who was not aware of the lung nodule and was therefore unable to provide or recommend appropriate medical treatment of it, Harrison claims.

On July 24, 2007, Burrows was admitted to the hospital again for experiencing extreme pain in multiple areas of his body and during admission it was discovered he was suffering from metastatic lung disease, which had spread to his bones. He later died July 30.

Harrison claims the alleged negligence and carelessness of Cornell, Meadows and the hospital caused a significant delay in Burrows' treatment.

She is suing for all damages allowable under West Virginia law and punitive damages on counts of negligence and wrongful death. Harry F. Bell Jr., Andrew L. Paternostro and Robert W. Absten of the Bell Law Firm, PLLC are representing her.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge F. Jane Hustead.

Cabell Circuit Court case number: 09-C-755

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